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“Your brain can only absorb what your ass can endure,” P. Dan Wiwchar.

How often have you sat, bored, restless, uninspired, … through what seems like an endless presentation of slide after slide supported by monotonous ramblings (rhetorical)? The fact is that, despite communications being critical to individual and organisational success, most presentations fail miserably to hit the mark.

However, the techniques needed to make dramatic improvements are easy to acquire and can be mastered with reasonable practice.

Delegates learn how to:

  • Define the goal of a presentation;
  • Select content that will achieve their goal with the appropriate audience;
  • Structure their content;
  • Create visual aids, if needed, to support their message;
  • Make effective use of verbal, vocal and visual techniques;
  • Command the stage;
  • Respond to ad hoc interruptions and questions;
  • Close with impact.

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In addition to the standard MASTERCLASSES, we also partner with out clients to develop and deliver (if required) bespoke MASTERCLASSES, either Face-To-Face or Virtual.

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