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This is one of the five critical differentiating competencies between Great HR Leaders and merely Good HR Leaders.

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Great HR Leaders create powerful business cases and obtain appropriate air-time to present them. Through personal presence, strong relationships and credibility with their stakeholders, and excellent persuasion and negotiation skills, they achieve buy-in and commitment to their proposals.

  • Are you an HR Anarchist – do you ‘command the stage’ when you present – gaining and sustaining attention; arousing and nurturing their curiosity; convincing others; eliciting their desire to commit to your proposals; and securing their emotional commitment to act?
  • Do you have a network of influential others on whom you can call for assistance and support?
  • Do you make use of that network early enough?
  • Do you engage, excite and persuade when you write?
  • Do you have excellent selling skills – enabling you to persuade others to commit to your proposals?
  • Do you have excellent negotiation skills – enabling you to handle objections and resistance, and move forward with your proposals?
  • Do you use all of your interactions to build your own credibility and that of your team?

Our Personal Effectiveness MASTERCLASS will help you to develop your personal effectiveness.

Personal Effectiveness – “Getting the go ahead” – How to present a business case for an HR initiative and to front the HR function in ways that build credibility, earn trust, and gain commitment to proposed initiatives.

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