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7MPM is based on the concept that our world is now driven by Connectives, brief, transient connection between people, processes, and/or things; across space, time, languages, and cultures. It also acknowledges that more recent research (e.g., neurological) has shown us that some of our theories about what motivates and guides people were at least flawed, if not downright misleading.

7MPM teaches and equips people-managers to utilise every interaction with their employees (face-to-face, email, text, formal, informal, …) to impact their performance. It is based on principles of behaviour engineering and that true performance management is a continuous process, integrated into day-to-day work, not an event or episodic process.

7MPM does not assume the existence or lack of any specific performance management or performance appraisal process. It can support these directly or operate without them.

Delegates learn:

  • The seven key pieces of information that need to be exchanged frequently between people-managers and their employees;
  • How to prioritise the communication of each of those;

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