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The BEWARE THE LOSE-LOSE MASTERCLASS is aimed at HR professionals or anyone faced with having to negotiate to get their ideas accepted, implemented, etc. It equips delegates to achieve that ideal “Win-Win” outcome … AND enables them to avoid the all too common, “Lose-Lose.”

Delegates learn:

  • That negotiating is a normal part of business and enables effective negotiators to get their ideas accepted even when initially rejected;
  • When to negotiate and when not to;
  • A tried a tested negotiating model by means of which to understand how negotiations work;
  • A tried a tested negotiating process to enable them to keep on track;
  • Techniques for moving the negotiation in their favour;
  • Their preferred negotiating style;
  • How to read the other party.

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In addition to the standard MASTERCLASSES, we also partner with out clients to develop and deliver (if required) bespoke MASTERCLASSES, either Face-To-Face or Virtual.

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