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There is a lot of nonsense and bad science circulated about Employee Engagement. So, let’s be clear:

  • Employee Engagement is not a general thing – it is absolutely individual; it is volatile; and, it is affected by more than just the organisation or the immediate manager. So, average scores across an organisation are interesting and meaningless; so too are most so-called benchmarks!
  • Employee Engagement is not merely happiness, although low engagement often correlates with low levels of happiness. However, very happy people can still be totally disengaged from their work.
  • True employee engagement is the extent to which an individual’s needs are being met by their immediate circumstances … individual’s needs … immediate circumstances.

So, the challenges for people-managers is clear:

  • Diagnose each individual’s needs;
  • Assess the extent to which they are being met, in general and now specifically;
  • Prioritise where best to exert your personal influence;
  • Take action to influence the immediate circumstances to enhance the engagement of one or more of your employees.

Delegates learn:

  • The importance of employee engagement and the financial impact of it when weakened;
  • The different types of motivational needs that individuals experience;
  • How to diagnose each individual’s motivational needs;
  • How to monitor each individual’s level of engagement;
  • The factors that impact each individual’s engagement;
  • How to influence an individual’s level of engagement.

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