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The most successful people-managers are not those who can do everything themselves but those how surround themselves with excellent talent which they support, nurture and enable to continuously develop. By those means that amplify the effect of any of their own capability and then multiply it by the talent of others.

Delegates learn:

  • A process for determining the skills that others need now, to meet imminent challenges, and to meet mutual aspirations;
  • A process for determining which skills they need to acquire or develop;
  • How to spot and create development opportunities;
  • How to enable others to select from those opportunities;
  • How to inspire others to engage in that development;
  • How to support and sustain that development.

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In addition to the standard MASTERCLASSES, we also partner with out clients to develop and deliver (if required) bespoke MASTERCLASSES, either Face-To-Face or Virtual.

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