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This is one of the five critical differentiating competencies between Great HR Leaders and merely Good HR Leaders.

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Great HR Leaders understand the very essence of their respective organisations, how they work and, in particular, how they generate and utilise the funds and resource to survive and grow – be they in the public, private or third sector. They understand that they have to be able to prove the impact of HR technology and new HR processes on the true measures of the business.

  • Are you an HR Anarchist – are you prepared to learn enough about the business so that you can make the stakeholders listen to your case by talking in their language?
  • Do you fully understand how the organisation, at its most senior level, works i.e., shares information, reaches decisions, supports stakeholders, …?
  • Do you fully understand how the organisation acquires investment, utilises assets, and generates new operating funds … and how the activities for which you are responsible affect those?
  • Do you focus on quantifying every proposed initiative in terms of how, and the extent to which, it impacts that acquisition, utilisation and generation?
  • Do you willingly accept accountability for your initiatives, even if you are dependent on others (over whom you have no authority) for implementing them?

Our Commercial Acumen MASTERCLASS will help you to develop your Commercial acumen.

Commercial Acumen – “Where did all the money go?” – Understanding how organisations raise their funds, decide how to utilise them, and then spend or reinvest their proceeds, plus how HR processes and decisions impact on each stage. How to put together robust business cases for HR initiatives.

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