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Many argue that goal setting is the key to enhanced performance. However, evidence is accumulating to show that this is far from the case. Many goal setting processes actually contribute to performance capping rather than improvement. Goals are important but the individuals involved must be wholly committed to them … AND, seek to go for higher goals the second that each one is achieved. In the case of Team goals, the entire team needs to be committed as the team is as weak as its weakest link.

Athletics repeatedly shows us the value of coaching. This is now almost universally accepted as the most effective means of enhancing performance. Monitoring progress towards goals is one way of measuring its effectiveness.

Our founder is a co-author of the book, SuperTeams: Using the principles of RESPECT to unleash explosive business performance,” Marciano & Wingrove, McGraw-Hill, 2014.

Based on the principles in that book and following a rigorous team-coaching methodology, we work with intact teams to coach them to exceptional performance.

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