In order to provide optimal education, development and/or coaching, we need to understand the skills required to be a great people-manager in any organisation.

Our research shows that great leaders and managers may have a few skills that might be defined as exceptional. But, they all have a minimum standard of a comprehensive set of skills or competencies. We call this skillset, the Quaternion Profile. The Quaternion Profile has four domains, each comprising 13 competencies:

  • Leadership
    Leadership is about creating a vision of the future and bringing it alive so all commit to it enthusiastically; and it’s about securing the commitment and resources to deliver that vision.
  • Management
    Initial enthusiasm often falters, different factions appear, and an organisation becomes inefficient and ineffective. This has to be addressed by skilled Management; Management is about optimising the use of resources to deliver the vision; it’s about making things happen.
  • Business Acumen
    Even Leadership and Management skills are not sufficient. We need Leaders and Managers (and they may or may not the same people) to demonstrate Business Acumen.

    Business Acumen is about demonstrating the knowledge, skills and aptitude to operate in a complex and changing environment. It includes, but is far more than, “Demonstrating functional expertise”. It is about having the skills to make the right decisions.
  • Personal Effectiveness
    And, lastly, leaders and managers have to make a positive impact in a highly interactive environment. They need Personal Effectiveness. Without this, their capability is of little value.

We use this model as the base for assessments, designing processes, development, performance management, coaching, etc.

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