We believe passionately in HR. We have invested over 40 years observing, researching, working in, and consulting to HR. And, we have learned that, if you want to make step-change improvements you:

  • Need to believe in something bigger than the here and now, a dream;
  • Have to visualise a different future and then bring it alive;
  • Will have to be resilient to the nay-sayers;
  • Must fight for what you believe in and inspire others to follow;
  • Need to convince with logic but, more importantly, win hearts and minds with passion;
  • Will be called on to make the complex simple; but, you will need to make the complex easy.

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YES, I’d like to discuss my thoughts and needs.
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  • We believe in HR because we know what it can achieve and how to do so.
  • We focus on what we excel at; we won’t claim that we can do everything
  • We are genuinely interested in your challenges and how to help you to succeed.
  • We are not for the feint-hearted – we are the HR Anarchists. We will challenge you and your thinking, and inspire you to make a difference.
  • Others tell us that we are motivating to speak with. Why not find out? 

Please contact us with any questions - email: or call us on +44 (0)1753 415534 or +1 (908) 752-4204

YES, I’d like to discuss my thoughts and needs.
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We draw on our core principles, materials and solutions and refine a solution that fits each individual client precisely. We apply our proprietary methodology to establish root causes, set challenging goals and source the best-fit solution to address them. This process is rigorous, tested and effective.

Business Case

At the heart of all we do is a focus on what each organisation needs. So, we first determine the nature and scope of each project or initiative:

  • The goals – how will the organisation measure success? Clear SMART objectives.
  • The drivers – what triggered the desire to do something now?
  • The context – what will help or hinder, be acceptable or unacceptable, ...?

In simple terms, we identify where the organisation believes that it is falling short against the idea of having, “The Right People in the Right Roles at the Right Time, doing the Right Things Right.”


Excessive resources are consumed every day in organisations, fixing the wrong issues, often leaving real problems unresolved. The real issues have to be diagnosed. This entails identifying the triggers, causes, and sustainers of sub-optimal performance. So, we diagnose why the organisation does not have the right people in the right roles at the right time, doing the right things right.


Search for an effective remedy is futile without an effective prognosis. We utilise data collected in the diagnosis phase along with appropriate analytical tools to make informed predictions of future outcomes and probably consequences of options in terms of financial impact, engagement, productivity and sustainability. We then add a dose of creativity and innovation. The desired options may simply not be available or accessible, or they may only have a short-term impact. An effective prognosis helps balance the benefits and costs of proposed interventions.


Having identified the options and their relative merits, we then move to the prescription – what is actually going to happen! We work with each organisation to design, plan, develop, implement, embed and promulgate a tailored or bespoke solution to meet their requirements. Typically, this involves either some form of process design or redesign, and/or skills training. Occasionally, some form of technology support is also needed. On very rare occasions more substantial solutions such as organisational restructuring, or revisiting the vision, mission and values are needed.


“Anyone can plan; it is carrying out the plan that is the challenge.” Disciplined implementation of the appropriate solution is needed. We partner with our clients to ensure that we implement sustainable solutions, not merely “flashes in the pan”. We ensure that the resources are appropriately deployed and utilised, that the individuals concerned are enabled (with the knowledge and skills needed), and appropriately inspired to deliver.


The job is not done until a sustainable solution is in place. This demands the effects of the treatment being monitored, measured, and assessed against the original goals and the plan developed for the solution.

We help you conduct a thorough review that examines the ROI.


The solutions we develop with you may include, for example:

  • HR Skills development. Working with you or your other HR professionals to develop and master the skills needed to make strategic impact.
  • HR Process Design. Working you or your other HR professionals to design processes to optimise performance, drive development, and/or ensure that the right people fill leadership and management positions (manage a talent pipeline).
  • Education. Running one or more webinars or training sessions for HR professionals, leaders and/or managers, tailored to meet their specific needs.
  • Development. Interventions, simulations, workshops or projects for HR professionals, leaders and/or managers, created to maximise skill development.
  • Coaching. For individual HR professionals, leaders and/or managers, or for homogeneous teams, to support and enable them to integrate skills into their normal modus operandi.

Please contact us with any questions - email: or call us on +44 (0)1753 415534


YES, I’d like to discuss my thoughts and needs. Click here to book a brief one-to-one telephone call.